Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blatant Self Promotion

I'm certain that all three people who regularly check this blog are quite surprised to find a new post. After all, it's been two months (and three days) since I made an update. During my unannounced hiatus, I paid a nice visit to Virginia, came down with pneumonia, and spent a good deal of time hunting for work.

What little game design I have done has been for the bi-weekly design challenges presented by Gamasutra's sister site, Every two weeks, the site asks non-professional designers to submit entries comprised of 500 words and up to three images that meet the criteria posted. After two weeks, the best entries are posted for all to read. Since I first found out about the challenges, I've submitted six times and received three winning entries and two honorable mentions.

I'll be honest, it feels great to even get mentioned, let alone selected as a 'best entry'. It's nice to have a little positive reinforcement, especially when it involves something you're not sure you're any good at but want to do professionally (and to have all but one entry selected for publication is a nice track record). I'm trying to make it a regular habit now (I skipped most of the challenges earlier this year), so expect regular updates on that. At the very least it will give me something to regularly post, which for you three readers should make your regular visits at least a tiny bit less frustrating.

You can read my winning entires by click thing the "Design Challenges Entries" link to the right, right under "Introduction".

On a related note, if you'd like to see more details on any of the submissions listed, I can provide additional materials and notes from each. Entries are limited to three pictures and 500 words, but I often have several pages of notes and concept sketches produced to get the entire concept fleshed out. If anyone is interested, I can provide these extras upon request.

Thanks for reading.

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