Thursday, March 12, 2009

Design Challenges: Winning Entries

Here are my winning entries and honorable mentions for the Game Design Challenges, listed by date. As I receive more, I will continue to update this post and make announcements. Additional materials and notes from each entry can be provided upon request. Articles written for non-winning entries or to provide additional info are listed as "Blog Article".

Unofficial community-run challenges appear at the bottom of this post.

Challenge: Make Monopoly Fun (9/17/08)
Create three rules for the board game Monopoly, that make it more fun for all players.
Winning Entry (Second Place): Monopoly: Fame and Fortune Edition

Challenge: Create an Achivement (11/5/08)
Invent an achievement.
Winning Entry (First Place): Grand Theft Auto IV: Playing it Straight

Challenge: Reboot the Series (7/22/09)
Reboot, reimagine, redesign your favorite game series.
Honorable Mention: The Last Strider

Challenge: The Letter (8/12/09)
Design a game which opens with the main character receiving a very significant letter.
Honorable Mention: Chain

Challenge: Be the Hero (9/2/09)
Take a side character from a game and promote them to a hero.
Winning Entry (Third Place): Space Invaders: The Second Wave

Challenge: Photographic Interpretation (10/21/09)
Create a game design based on the sample photo.
Winning Entry (First Place): Burning Man

Challenge: Sidekick (11/12/09)
Invent a Sidekick.
Unselected Entry: Metroid: Evolution
(Blog Article)

Challenge: A New Vision (2/03/10)
Re-envision a game that was ahead of its time.
Winning Entry (Second Place): Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
(Blog Article)

Challenge: Romance (2/23/10)
Create a romance game for Western audiences.
Honorable Mention: Someone for Everyone

Challenge: Rickroll (3/25/10)
Rickroll your way to a great game.
Winning Entry (Third Place): Rick Role

First Place: 2
Second Place: 2
Third Place: 2
Honorable Mention: 3
Unselected Entries: 1

Unofficial Challenges:

Challenge: Be the NPC (9/26/10)
Make a game where the player takes on the role of a common video game NPC.
Winning Entry (First place): Adventure Insurance
(Blog Article)

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